The Week That Was: Oct 31-Nov 4

    Post by Mark W. Dowd | November 5, 2016

    The REDI Daily Digest's readership of 7,500 includes individuals from across industry -- buy-side, sell-side, exchanges, vendors and regulators. To help put in perspective the stories that are most relevant to this community, we've compiled the ten most read articles for the week of October 31-Nov 4.

    1. The TRADE News, "Almost Two-in-Five Sell-Side Firms Expect to Outsource Front Office" (link)

    2. Business Insider, "Steve Cohen is Changing What it Means to be a Star Employee" (link)

    3. Tabb Forum, "Optimizing Order Execution Strategy Using Advanced Execution Analysis" (link)

    4. Wall Street Journal, "Goldman Sachs Has a New Model: Apple" (link)

    5. Bloomberg News, "Goldman Sachs Hires Nasdaq to Run Its Sigma X Dark Pool" (link)

    6. Buyside Intel, "The Future of Commission Payments" (link)

    7. Financial News, "Fidelity Makes Cuts in Equity Trading Revamp" (link)

    8. Markets Media, "Let’s Re-Think the Tick-Size Pilot" (link)

    9. Institutional Investor, "Welcome to the Asset Management Hunger Games" (link)

    10. Buyside Intel, "America at the Crossroads" (link)

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