Risk Manager
  • Utilize dozens of out-of-the-box trading rules based on symbol, exposure, P&L, liquidity or security triggers that block offending trades at the point of order entry, before they are routed to a broker for execution
  • Create custom rules that are triggered when a security falls outside a specific value or range
  • Administrators can define multiple trading groups within their firm, applying distinct trading rules to each as appropriate 
Automatic Order Marking
  • Split US equities sell orders into Sell Long and Sell Short orders based on the net position of the securities in a defined trading aggregation unit
  • Net aggregate positions are calculated in real time, taking into account not only executed orders but cancelled and staged orders as well
  • Fully multi-broker, supporting all major US clearing providers
  • Prevents users within the same supervisory group from crossing Futures orders with each other, providing either a hard or soft block as defined by the administrator
  • Check applies to orders and updates, and for open, partial, and unconfirmed order statuses
OATS Reporting
  • Combines order audit trail feeds from multiple third-party platforms (EMS, OMS or proprietary systems) from across your organization and submits a single, consolidated report to FINRA
  • Identifies improperly formatted files and attempts to correct errors known to cause ROE rejections

Custom Reports
  • Customizable Daily Trade Blotter, User and Custom Account reporting tools
  • Seamless integration with leading compliance vendors, including Firm 58, Prop Report, TAG


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