For last last two years, we've been working to completely re-platform REDI under the structure of a broker-neutral, independent technology provider. This massive project has included, but was not limited to, the build out of new data centers, the introduction of improved market data handlers, the development of new functionality and a tremendous amount of foundational work, all of which was done to deliver clients the best possible trading experience and position REDI's technology platform for the future.

    We have been successfully onboarding new clients onto this new platform for the past six months, and we’re very pleased to announce that we have now started migrating our existing clients onto it as well. All clients not currently running on the new platform will be migrated in the next few months, which will allow you to fully take advantage of everything we have built.
    What does this mean for you? Not only will you be able to realize the benefits of significant new features, you should also see considerable improvements in REDI’s performance, reliability and flexibility. 

    • Performance: As part of this project we have built out state-of-the-art new data centers in New York, Chicago, London and Hong Kong, each outfitted with the latest server and networking technology. All have been built with the ability to handle messaging levels significantly greater than those experienced in August 2015, as well as the ability to scale capacity if needed. With the new gear, we've seen a material reduction in latency (e.g., message entry to acknowledgement), and our simplified architecture also allows us to develop and deploy new software much more quickly and efficiently.
    • Market Data Reliability: As part of this project we've completely redeveloped our market data feed handlers, as well as moved from our previous market data provider to Reuters in most markets globally. We expect the combination of these two initiatives to greatly reduce market data latency and improve overall quality and reliability.
    • Functionality: The biggest benefit users will see as a result of our efforts is the expansion of functionality. Specifically:

    - Global Asset Coverage: Our offering now supports full coverage across electronic asset classes globally, with our Asian access in particular being enhanced and expanded. We currently have several early adopters trading Asian securities with a handful of brokers, and we are actively certifying all brokers in the region.
    - Middle Office Tools: REDI’s trade management platform, which previously handled US equity and option middle office workflows only, has been globalized to support equities, options and futures. As a result we can now support your middle office needs across multiple prime brokers and custodians, regardless of asset class or region.
    - Risk Manager: REDI Risk Manager has also been globalized, as well as extended into new asset classes. The product now supports equities, options and futures globally, and can handle pre-set logic such as Auto Order-Marking as well as a plethora of custom options designed to meet almost any intra-trade risk scenario.
    - Spread Trader: REDI’s new Spread Trader will soon be available globally, allowing users to trade pairs using a variety of market-neutral strategies (ratio, risk arbitrage and relative price). Spread Trader’s HTML5-based architecture will also allow us to more efficiently deploy updates on the back end, thereby eliminating the need for users to upgrade versions to enjoy the benefits.
    - REDI Analytics: The new REDI Analytics platform – which includes post-trade TCA and a highly-customizable charting tool – will be rolled out this quarter. Pre-trade and real-time analytics, as well as a historical trade database, should be introduced later this year.
    - Third-Party Applications: Since REDI’s launch, openness and collaboration have been core tenets of our business philosophy, and the new platform makes it much easier for partners to seamlessly plug their applications into REDI and leverage our open framework. We are currently working with several content providers to integrate their applications, and expect to have them available soon.


    We will alert you once your migration date has been scheduled, and will keep you informed of the status leading up to it. From your standpoint the switch should feel seamless, with only a few minor differences to your current workspace (updated naming conventions for some of your legacy routes and a slightly new look and feel for a few windows). We will provide documentation detailing the workspace conversion process following your migration, and our support and account management desks will be available to help you get the most out of the new platform.

    We appreciate the trust you place in us and your patience as we’ve worked to get to this point. We’re very excited to finally roll this out to you and continue the legacy of quality and innovation that have come to define REDI over our 20+ year history.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support desk, or complete the form to the right and one of our Account Managers will be in touch discuss.

    Questions?  Have questions about the upcoming migration? Just complete this form and one  of our Account Managers will reach out to discuss.