Global, Multi-Broker, Multi-Asset

  • Trade complex multi-asset and multi-currency programs across 150+ broker destinations for DMA, smart routing, algorithmic and high touch desk flow.

  • Access broker-optimized portfolio algorithms designed for portfolio traders



  • Workflows for portfolio rebalancers, portfolio risk traders and portfolio managers

  • Create pre-configured portfolio trading wave settings and define HotKeys to quickly generate and execute waves

  • Create formulas and thresholds based on any security level and statistic or customize buttons to apply one or more filters


  • Proven technology platform capable of handling $1B+ global programs

  • Slice your portfolio across several dimensions, including sector, industry, liquidity or market capitalization

  • View order, execution and performance information broken out by portfolio segment

  • Initiate and modify trades based on portfolio segment characteristics

  • Persist portfolios across mulitple days until all the symbols are fully executed or cancelled


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