• Leverage ratio, risk arbitrage and relative price strategies to trade equity pairs globally

  • Persist spreads across trading sessions

  • Real-time FX rates for dollar-neutral spreads


Global Broker Network

  • Access REDI’s extensive global network of brokers for smart order routing and DMA

  • Route all legs to the same broker, or choose to split legs across different brokerss


Spread Management

  • Blotter shows detailed status of spreads, legs and child orders

  • In-grid formatting highlights exceptions (e.g. suspended spreads)

  • Ability to manually “catch up” and split orders against pairs

  • Risk controls for order quantity, value and more

  • Simple workflow to enable/disable spreads


Child Order Management

  • User-defined initiation method and discretion

  • Manage hedge risk by setting unhedged limits

  • Volume constraints to dictate participation strategy

  • Aggressiveness settings to balance across execution quality, liquidity capture and hedge risk preferences




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